again x2egg problem

seeing as though people just wont help/wont answer about the .egg problem I’ll ask one more time…ok so i export my model in blender to .X right well then i run the x2egg but it gives me errors/doesnt compile it…what am i doing wrong?

3 problems in decreeing probability.

the format of the x blender saves is not compatible with x2egg
blender might not save the x right
x2egg has a bug

treeform, its neither. Its a bug in makepanda.
This bug has long been there. It has been fixed for 1.5.3, which will be released soon.

[size=84]Proof that it has been fixed: … g#rev1.228
As you see, in the latest revision of the file its fixed; which is also already tagged for 1.5.3.[/size]

thanks alot…now i just have to wait until the next version comes out…but at least there is some progress. Now we only need direct exportation of the .egg format plugin for 3ds max 2009 yay!

also, i have tried the exporter for 3ds max to .egg (along with 3ds max export to .x format which gives me the same problems if not more that blender does) and it doesnt work or well it does SOMETIMES work but not always…but only if i first export my work so that blender can understand it (thus loosing ALOT of things I have done in max such as making objects smoother or cutting faces into two parts.) then exporting via chicken. now i know somethings in blender but I’de rather work with 3ds max for now until i can get my hands on some blender modeling books. which the bookstores around my place RARELY ever have the newest editions…its like lets stock EVERYTHING else BUT what i need! but at least they have a coffee shop in it go starbucks go starbucks woot woot

ps. i can however export fairly well in blender directly to .egg loosing only the things that blender cannot import for example when i export a textured object to a format understandable by blender I loose the texture and any added things to the object like smoothing as stated above. But if i model and texture directly with blender i keep all the changes/textures…but texturing/modeling in blender is quite awkward for me being that i come from maya and 3ds max based modeling background…i cant seem to get the hang of the blender interface no matter how many times i watch the tutorial…although i have to give kudos to blender. Especially since its global view rotation works by pressing either (i think) ctrl or the alt key and the right mouse button because in 3ds max you MUST have a scroll mouse and the ctrl key in order to rotate around your object without having to click the rotate button from within 3ds. but thats just a small thing that i like.

another quick ? is there a plugin for maya, since the people who maintain the engine use maya alot? by plugin i mean a direct export to the .egg format?

The max exporter is barely maintained and doesn’t support much.
The maya exporter is much better maintained, and yes, there is a plugin. See this page for information about setting up the maya plugin:

Yes, theres a maya exporter. Its usage is covered in the manual: Converting From Maya.

that would be great! now i only have to find version 2008 of maya b/c i use 8.5… does it still work with 8.5?

Yup. As far as I know, Panda still supports older versions of Maya, including 8.5.