advice, how to do a paint shooting gun

Hi everyone!

I just started using Panda3D and I want to build a project that involve a paint shooting gun.

When the player use this paint shooting gun, he can paint over walls and floorand also other players. But I really don’t know the best way to do that…
Should I use particles that can “stick” into walls and so?
or maybe use “paint like object” and change the texture of the walls where it was hit.

Is it possible?
Does somebody have an advice to give me?
I m not so good programming with Python, so I m very interested in the easiest way to do it…

P.S: I m french, sorry for my bad english :confused:

Thank you for your attention

If you have primarily flat surfaces you may add one quad with a colored texture onto the wall. You anyway need a collision detection so you can add the quad to the collision point, and face it torwards the normal of the collision surface (you get all this information for free from the collision traverser). Maybe add the Decal Render Effect to reduce Z fighting.

for walls and other static objects i suggest to use decal like technique (except you want to paint big parts of your level which would lead to performance loss)

the other idea would be to paint directly onto the textures, or if a wall/player was hit. there was a “Painting on models” thread long ago. it could be intresting. try searching the forum

Thank you very much for your advice

I will look the “painting on model” thread, (here is the link) … ight=paint

If I’m manage to do my “paint gun”, I will post my script.

I am trying to build a game which involves painting models by mouseclicks. Did you eventually succeed in create a paint-gun?