Adventures of Jake Weaver, Episode I

Members at PM2 reported some errors which I have fixed but in order to find any remaining deep errors, I’m going to need more testers.

Make sure you run the game as an administrator or you will get an error.


I am aware of a character dialog “typo” error in game, but that’s not a major concern. In fact, you can correct that your self (for your version) by going to characters’ dialog text files and making any needed change.

There will be an admin account added to PM2 so questions about the site and its apps can be asked and answered directly in forums. Shieltresst Media have added their own page to PM2 so any question directly to them should be dropped on their page.

Please note, this game is just a casual freeware title, which is also one of my two trials. If all goes well with the second trial, I might become a full time developer; otherwise, it was fun trying. Adventures of Jake Weaver was made in about one months time with a lot of rush so it’s not going to be the next Halo or anything. :laughing:

Enjoy :smiley:

Added my personal bio to PM2. Just type, mark, into the search box and hit go.

Tried downloading with Chrome and was informed that the file “appears malicious”. Not sure what you can do to fix this.

I hate it when that happens… When A file becomes a hot download, webmasters link their own download manager software or app to the link. I just tried to download it myself and what actually pops up is some other downloader.exe.

Thanks for the feed back.

I am going to erase that link and try another host.

I have changed hosts and here’s the new link:

The file is 189 mb. The upload is 190 mb I believe. If you discover that something else has been “tacted” on to the download, let me know. The internet is full of scum now and days. :smiley:

I tried the download myself and received no virus warnings from my protection suite.

I find it interesting that seaching for “Shieltresst Media” on the net shows the owner as having the email address of none other than “Nugman Nugster” ([url]Designing A Main Character That's Accepted]) Are you guys friends, Mark?

Dude… Shieltresst Media is a registered trademarked company owned by some guy in Florida. You can look it up at the USPTO. Where did you get your info, I have no idea.


Forgot to add, the company’s last known email was I don’t know if that’s still active or not since SM closed out it’s old website. My contact with the company is done by phone. If you need to contact them, I would suggest using their page at PM2.

Here’s another link:

What’s the point? I don’t own the company. Maybe you should try contacting them.

What you fail to understand is… I’m not the only one involved with this company. I’m sure other individuals are associated with it (or have tried to get their feet through the door). With that being fact, I’m sure you’ll find a lot of things on the net related to SM. Why are you tying this to me I have no idea…? I’m too busy with my last trial and running PM2 to worry about anything else.

Hope the new link works. :slight_smile:

I guess your info was old (or false)…

I believe that’s the most recent data on the company. You just have to dig a little harder sometimes man. :slight_smile:


The emails are not the same (but I really don’t care, doesn’t concern me).

I did. is registered to that email address too - the same email address attached to Shieltresst Media. Did they register your website too, Mark? The information is available on a cached version of a whois site, before you changed the registrant to Domains By Proxy.

Nugman nugster, patty, bsemail, cotownsend, markjacksonguy - what’s your next username going to be, Nug?

I have know idea what you’re talking about man, but to answer the first part, yes, my friend (who got me started with SM) got my website registered through the company and I mentioned that in another thread, so it’s no secret. Patty, bsemail…what the hell are you talking about?

No what, I don’t want to know…this website is stupid and I get the impression one or several people are running it. Here I am about to give this community info on the commercial title being deveoped for shieltresst media and you’re yet typing in retared stuff that has nothing to do with me in my thread. The emails for shieltresst media under the registration is not bsemail or patty or what ever you said. Those emails at USPTO are in fact contact emails for those monitoring the trade mark status, they are not main contact emails for the company. Like I mention before, was the last public one SM had.

Dude, think what ever you want to think, I’m done with it. PM2 has it’s own community that’s more worthy of seeing a commercial title get developed from start to finish. What gets me is the fact I presented SM’s company info to you and yet you’re still coming up with stuff that is so unrelated to SM (and me for that matter) which can’t even be proved. You’re looking up garbage data on the internet…YES the INTERNET! Several websites posted up false info about PM2, but later removed it. You get alot of that stuff on the internet.

Like I said…even after trying to help you out with your nonsense, you still keep coming up with more nonsense. Later. :unamused: Don’t have time for this site’s BS; got a commercial title to help out on. I will make it my goal to keep individuals like you off of PM2. A website is only as good as the people populating it and you just summed up :unamused:

To come back to the original topic, I installed your game … The controlls are very confusing, I needed some time to find out that space toggles the front/back view … is there something like a basic tutorial planned?

I also got stuck a bit at the characters-display. There is no text like ‘Press [enter] to continue’, so I had to figure out that myself… maybe you could add a hint for that … or some button to continue …

Also, maybe one could make it more dynamic … currently it’s more a 2d game than a 3d game … The ship simply rotates arround the mid of the screen, maybe there could be some transitions or so … and fly animations? What I also mentioned was, maybe rotate the camera arround the ship when pressing left/right, not move the ship and let the camera look at it …

Also, the animations are played too fast in my opinion … is the sun supposed to change it’s texture each frame?

Is the game more like “look as real as possible” or more comic style? The earth is comic style, and the sun not … I think it would be better to stay in the same style … but just my opinion.

I like the 3D Effect of the story in the beginning :slight_smile: