Administrating thousands of agents

Well, this might be more of a programming than a panda3d question.
Recently I started writing a server-client application. I faced a problem to interpolate the movement of the monsters, on python I solved this by using a do-later task, updating the information 30 times per second. The main problem was that the performance was terrible, as soon as 1000 monsters started walking the server would get really laggy (running on a c2d 3 ghz).
I decided rewrite the code on c++ (since there were a lot of math and lists, which are really slow on pyhton) and here comes the question: is it safe to spam tasks (thinking that a few thousands may created at the same time) and set delays on them or should I look for another solution? Aren’t they too expensive?

Thanks in advance.

There is more speed deference between N^2 and longN algorithms then there is between C++ and python speed, i would look there first.

Tasks in panda3d are just functions in a loop making 1000 of those in C++ or python should be no problem.