additional animation exporters

any chance of Cinema 4D being supported soon?

We can always use more volunteers. Would you like to volunteer to write the converter, or to find a conversion path that works?


I probably wouldn’t be much use in coding a converter. My programming skills are intermediate. I do have the Cinema SDK. I just wouldn’t know how to approach a project like that. How were the Max/Maya converters developed?

The Maya2egg converter was written by Disney because we use Maya every day and had a real need for it. The Max2egg converter was written by ETC for a similar reason. In general, converters are written by the people who use the tools in question.

Another alternative to writing an explicit converter is to take a look at the formats already supported for export by Cinema4D, and seeing if there is any overlap with the formats supported for input by Panda. (For instance, DirectX .x format.) Sometimes there is a chain of conversion formats that might work (Cinema4D -> Milkshape -> DirectX -> Panda).