adding another terrrain algo to panda? then check this!

if you wanna add another nice terrain algorithm to panda and you have no idea what to use… well… there you go
just found a bouch of nice links about LOD and LOD’s for terrains.
the following stuff should cover a huge part of commonly known algorithm which could be used for games (and a few more which are less suited for games)
ok here we go:

number one! covering most terrain&lod combinations…

number 2… a little bit more … with links to terrain lods on spherical terrains aswell as pre-computed stuff…

number 3 (can be found via the links above ) a very nice lod (you should really check the video. high quality if possible) … i?id=‘118’

and number 4 (very nice one . scrool down =) )… and remember this one is 6 years old. so it would look a LOT better today … images.htm

… well^^ dont forget… there are some LOD’S which work with non-terrain data,too =)