Add Collision Solids - Low Framerate ?

Hello Guys!

Well, i’m editing the Roaming Ralph example, only added a colision sphere to the node:

self.charGroundRay = CollisionRay()
			self.charGroundSphere = CollisionSphere(0, 0, 60, 20)
			self.charGroundCol = CollisionNode('charCollider')

The problem is… when character meet with a rock there is no problem, but with the plants, the game framerate it’s too low.

My cuestion is ¿What’s the problem? ¿The “Collision Code” or “The Plants” polygon ?

Uploaded with

Uploaded with

Second… i need a “Collision Traveser” for each ‘from’ object or only one for all ?

Third… how can i separate the parts of a Char? for example, if the head it’s collided with a bullet, character dies; but if the rest body it’s, only damage few life?

I don’t know because panda3d reference says that a object only can have a single collision handler.

Thank you very much.