actor texture problem

Hi guys, I made some character in 3dsmax, textured it (uvwunwrap), rigged it, animated some simple animations and exported it to a .X format. It saved and copied the textures with it (.jpg)

So I load up the model and such and when I ran the code and so this weird texturing showed up.

Have you tried viewing the .X file in something like the DirectX X viewer to make sure that the .X export went okay?

Well it seems that the texture is applied to each polygon 0.o what teh…
could this be a scaling problem?

It looks like a problem with the UV’s.


Could it be because I exported it to a panda .X format?
I mean I had problems with the .egg format, thats why I used this.
edit: gonna research some more on it tomorrow, already 2.15 midnight :unamused: