Actor only shows animated childrens

I have an pistol with an shoot animation. When I load the model as an Actor, only the animated children (Slide) is showing. Here is my blender file:
m1911.blend (868.2 KB)
I export the pistol with YABEE to m1911.egg and the animation as m1911-shoot.egg.
Can you tell me how to fix this bug?

I think you have to reparent gunbody mesh to armature.

Can you please show a little bit of code?

If I’m understanding you correctly, you have two objects–the arms and the gun–and are exporting them to two separate files. You’re successfully loading both. So far so good. The question, then, is how to connect the gun to the arms, correct?

I presume that the arms have an armature, and one or more animations. I’m not clear on whether the gun is similar, or is just a static model, but I don’t think that it’s important for this.

The armature for the arms is composed of “bones”/“joints”, and it is to these bones that we attach other objects. Code to do this might look something like this:

(For the purposes of the code below, I’m assuming that the arm-model is stored in the variable “self.arms”, the gun in “self.gun”, and that the gun is to be attached to a joint named “hand”. Adjust to whatever names you use!)

bone = self.arms.exposeJoint(None, "modelRoot", "hand")

For more detail, see this manual page.