Actor falling over

Ok so i setup my PandaAI and Ralph can now walk around using pathfinding on my terrain.

My problem is instead of using collisions to keep ralph on the ground (maybe i should ue this) I just used a setZ() and looked up the Z where he was at. now this worked well as he was able to walk the entire terrain not a problem but now with the PandaAI pathfinding if he goes over a z of 0 then he falls over and is laying on the ground so he cant move… I wonder if this has something to do with collision in PandaAI or physics but i dont know and the code has not changed accept adding a path to walk with PandaAI so i dont even have anything to post.

What do i need to look into in order to fix this as im not sure what is going on!

in the roaming-ralph-example z doesnt point in the direction usual for panda and pandai has some axis hardcoded (at least some time ago).
maybe this helps searching…

The problem was in the custom PandaAI code i wrote apparently when they say to replace the Z level with 0’s and show them doing it in there demo dont! this is not needed it works better if the info is still there. then your code will not fight with PandaAI as they will match. So yes ive solved my issue and updated my PandaAI code.

can you share somewhere your code so that we can try to help you out?

Actually before i didnt post because i had no clue why it was happening but i found out it had nothing to do with my code but my PandaAI system i designed:

So i fixed the issue and i put the code fix in so that anyone that uses it will not have any problems. So in essence I did post my code lol. But now that I am using custom code for PandaAI this makes it mucher harder to find errors as they could be in my game or in the custom code lol. So now I know if I have any issues where to look although I dont think ill have any more issues