Actor Animations

Hello. I made a model in MagicaVoxel and exported it as a .obj file. From here I went to and animated it. (I used the “Running” animation only for the sake of simplicity.) After animating the file I exported it as a .dae file and used the dae2egg program that is shipped with Panda3d to convert that to a .egg file. I have the .egg file and textures folder located in the same directory as my main .py script. My current code for the actor looks like this:

mainCharacter = Actor("mainChar.egg")

This loads the model to my program but does show an animation. Am I doing something incorrectly?
Thank you in advanced!

By what process did you convert the .obj file to Panda3D? There is the obj2egg tool, but it is very limited in functionality, so you are generally better off exporting the model to Blender and using YABEE to export it to .egg format.

The website I used converted the .obj file to dae. From there I converted that file to egg with panda3d.

According to the Doc, your first line should be something like :

nodePath = Actor("mainChar.egg", {