about web support

Hi buddies

At first thanx for all developers 4 PANDA’s web support. I really going crazy about that.

I’m actionscript programmer too and used some 3d web libraries 4 it (away3d, papervision3d …). But all these libraries are in beginning and some important resources are missing (like collisions and others).
(see … i dont said they’re worst, i just say they’re is hard)

Well, i guess the PANDA’s plugin can put the 3d web in another level. I’m very impressive and i guess we’ve a great pandora’s box in hands.


Yes, with proper marketing Panda3d can take web3d by storm. The only problem is proper marketing.

Yeah! That’s the point. How about orkut/facebook apps ?

I just embedded panda3d into a facebook app. I didn’t get the javascript method to work, but I didn’t try very hard either.

gathadams.com/2007/06/18/how-to- … 0-minutes/


require_once 'facebook.php';

$appapikey = '#####';
$appsecret = '#####';
$facebook = new Facebook($appapikey, $appsecret);
$user_id = $facebook->require_login();

echo "<object width=\"640\" height=\"480\"
  type=\"application/x-panda3d\" data=\"citymania.p3d\">
    <object width=\"640\" height=\"480\"
        <param name=\"data\" value=\"citymania.p3d\">

Hello there! I tried to get your method working but I failed! Please let me know if this app works for you:

OK I changed from FBML to Iframe but still didn’t work! Instead it shows the website of my webhoster!

Did you actually put in your appapikey and appsecret? The directions in the two links I posted are not difficult to follow.

What is appapikey? 0.o I’m totally new… I found just some old tutorials… so I am really confused 0.0

See my post? See the two links I pasted in there?

Read them.

Here, let me post them again

gathadams.com/2007/06/18/how-to- … 0-minutes/

Wow oops… thanks bud ^^