About the Manual


As everyone know, English is the capital language around the world, but not all peoples in the internet understand it.

My native language is Spanish, so I have thinking in traduce all the manual to Spanish for latino-american and spanish peoples.

While traducing it, could be good upload this, maybe can posted in download section, and getting it grow in versions, the latest version the most spanish content has…

I can start now, when i have at least 10% traduced, there is no problem to send to admins so then he will upload it?

Then will make the same with some tutorials, as a pdf and videotutorials.

Note : I’m not going to change nothing, add, replace or delete, just traduce.

noone is going to stop you from translating documentation :smiley:
panda is an open source project which means that it relies on each and everyone contributing.
there is a panda3d project-space where you can request webspace to store things like that.
should be no problem to put it into the download section either.(once it reached a point where it makes sense to share it)

There have been various efforts in the past to translate the Panda manual into various languages. None of them were really successful however. The manual is really huge and every few days new changes appear. Even if you get to finish it, it will be a pain to maintain.
I don’t want to stop you from doing it however, I’m sure it will be useful to some people.


I start now… thanks!.

Edit : thinking about you said, if manual changes every time… will be useless,
better idea is traduce the tutorials with Panda introduction…

no matter… i will do something and the upload.