About packp3d, pdeploy, and prc files.

It has come to my attention that packp3d doesn’t actually read any prc files. When p3d fiels are executed, prc files are loaded at runtime from the C:\Users<UserName>\AppData\Local\Panda3D\prc directory.

Only after I tested a standalone executable on a computer that doesn’t have a certain prc file that I realized that even the standalone executables need to read from a prc file as i saw a few bugs that were prevented by setting the max-dt in the Congfig.prc; said computer didn’t have that prc file in the prc folder.

I haven’t deployed my game as an installer and I won’t be doing that anytime soon; it was a student project and I won’t plan on improving it.

Now you might be saying put in a few lines of loadPrcFileData in the code itself. However that proved to be a failure because even when I set the max-dt before the ShowBase initializes, the game still acts as if I hadn’t set max-dt in the first place.

So want to either know to pack the prc file within the executable, or make loadPrcFileData(’’, ‘max-dt 0.04’) actually capping the time step when running the game.