about models

hi, have some questions:

  1. is there a method to decrease loaded model complexity? dont tell me: export with blender… couse i am code monkey and afraid of stuff that has lots buttons and graphical interface :S :smiley:

  2. i have terrain meshes, and have such warning on scaling “:linmath(warning): Tried to invert singular LMatrix3.”

  3. i have loaded half oblivion map(low level, for distant LOD) and have such stats:
    41 total nodes (including 0 instances); 0 LODNodes.
    19 transforms; 24% of nodes have some render attribute.
    15 Geoms, with 15 GeomVertexDatas and 2 GeomVertexFormats, appear on 9 GeomNodes.
    605368 vertices, 605368 normals, 0 colors, 605368 texture coordinates.
    GeomVertexData arrays occupy 40788K memory.
    GeomPrimitive arrays occupy 1262K memory.
    215266 triangles:
    0 of these are on 0 tristrips.
    215266 of these are independent triangles.
    9 textures, estimated minimum 36864K texture memory required.

is this much? couse my fps more than 150

  1. Not aware of any.

  2. This usually means that you have a scale set to 0 somewhere.

  3. No, this is not much.

i guess technically i am highjacking a thread…

what is “loaded model complexity”?

to keep it simple: amount of triangles