about maya2egg exporting

hello everyone

I use maya 8.5 and incidently also use the maya2egg85 exporter to export my models from maya to egg

i read in the manual that the only material that panda can read is phong, does this still hold true for versions 1.5.4 and up?

and even if i am able to use other materials like lambert to give a matt effect in maya instead of a shiny effect from phong, does panda register it?

tnx in advance

You can use the phong shader with no shininess, it’s the same thing as lambert. In general, lambert is a subset of phong.


man i am using maya 10 and need pass my files to .egg
but i follow the tutorial and dont work i dont have idea what is my mistake

Neither do I. Can you give us any more information about what precisely is going wrong?