about improving 3d models

I think some models in the samples are really bad and need improvements.
For example the trees and rocks in Roaming Ralph, or the environment from Hello World.
Im not a real modeller and im not good at rigging/animating, but even I can do better than that programmer’s artwork.
So what do you guys think? Shall we make a thread where people (count me in) would contribute better versions of the models?

Most of models you see for the tuts are just examples on what you can do to load up models. Not really for looks or high-res models. Now, I do think we should increase the models people can download in our “download” section, but I don’t feel like the example ones in the tuts really need to be mess with. Unless you make a new tut all togather that has a need for this.

We could make a community own project that could show off what panda 3d can do would be a greate idea! It would have a need for better and more high-res, if you will, models.



i guess I’ll post there then…