About Heading,Pitch 's rotation in Panda3d..

Are they clockwise when add positive degrees and view from the object’s origin? Some pages that introduce the Euler angles seems said these rotation are anticlockwise…? and,is Roll same as Bank?Thank you!

Why don’t you try it and see? :slight_smile:


I just wrote those words after"try and see", and have obeserved and modified the sample for hours… :blush: , so I got that conclusion…

There are pictures from a page about Euler angles,we can see the rotations are "anticlockwise"when view form object’s origin to +X,+Y,+Z…

pandas roation system is easy to figure out.
given its HPR fore head , pitch and roll.
imagine you’r looking for a bad on a friday evening. you have to change your heading first to find one. then you drink too much, you fall down, so you changed your pitch. now the only thing you can do is to roll around on the floor.

looking at your pictures with initial and object axis. by default , if you use setHPR or simmilar the values are relative to the node’s parent. you can pass a nodepath as first argument to the set function. it makes the values relative to the nodepath you specified. also works for the nodepath of the object you’r rotating.