About export Model file and animation file

I download one skelecton animation library from internet. There are many animation files about the same person(jumping/walking/seating) in library . Their format is 3DMAX.

I export a animation file to panda, there will be two filesand one is model file another is animation file.

I export another 3DMAX’s another animation file to panda ,there are two egg files , too.(One is model file and another is animation file)

I found that the two model files are different. But they are relatived to the same model(the same person).

So how to export many animation to panda egg file with one model file and many animation files.

If the two different Max files really have the same skeleton, then the model files they generate are interchangeable, and you can throw one of them away and just use the other one for both animations. You might need to ensure that they have the same pose at the 0 frame or the -1 frame.

If they come out as truly different model files, then perhaps the Max files were not based on the same skeleton after all.