About Collision in Panda3D


I’m a newbie in Panda3D, after a while researching in Panda3D, i would like to propose an idea that will comfort user to code in Panda3D.

Collision is the most fundamental and important thing in 3D world.

In panda 3D to detect a collision you should make a ray of light and detect the collision from the ray to the ground. That’s too much procedural steps for one purpose.

Can Panda3D make a simpler code that will do everything of those steps above automatically, and without user notice that there will be a hidden ray after all.

say a code that would be like this:


def triggeredFunction(collisionPosXYZ)
code to do based on the collision position at collisionPosXYZ

if that possible than almost all the games can be provided a lot easier than what it should be.


‘Panda3D’ is already working on this discourse.panda3d.org/viewtopic.php?t=7064

Glad to know that i’m not the one to feel this uneasiness to code. I’m a newbie though but i feel like this one makes a good start other than VRML.

Keep the great works. I’ll be looking into it. Thanks.