About Blender exporting egg with chicken...


I have this error with exporting eggs with blender/chicken v2.49 chicken v 91.

here is the output blender console gives…

Compiled with Python version 2.6.2.
Checking for installed Python... got it!
Settings for export not found. Using defaults.
Known pipe types:
(all display modules loaded.)
Loading /c/Panda3D-1.7.egg
:loader(error): Couldn't load file /c/Panda3D-1.7.egg: does not exist.
Unable to load /c/Panda3D-1.7.egg
:framework(warning): Empty bounding volume for models

Ok the thing is it “was” working perfect… all of a sudden it started doing this? is and within the chicken plugin ui i don’t get any errors, I havent changed anything on my pc, not blender not panda not chicken not python not even windows… "well yet again i can imagine that being the problem… bam shot bill —:stuck_out_tongue: " -.- joke…

anyway ? i have searched around the forum… but i may have missed something…
Any help would be great.


check the options Single File and Animation Only if you are trying to export an animation, if you are trying to export a simple model check the path settings, use the PView to display their models.

if an animation>>

pview C:\dev\game\models\mod.egg C:\dev\game\models\mod-anim1.egg

if not an animation>>

pview C:\dev\game\models\mod.egg

Single File option may fail to generate an egg file