A wierd manual page

while browsing the manual i found this:
is that supposed to be there?

EDIT: holy cow searching the manual for “online” brings up tons of those kind of pages!

I’m going to jump in and say “No”, odd’s are that is the bots attacking this forum and or now I suppose, the manual.

What will be done about that? I dunno (we’ll have to wait and see what the maintainer says)

At least I was able to say no :wink:

OK, I think I removed all of those pages from the manual now.

How about putting a spambot check during registration like for the forums?
Or google.com/recaptcha

There are still a lot of these pages in place (although most of them seem to have no body text – just a title). A search of “all of panda3d.org” with the term ‘prescription’ turns up almost 20,000 hits.