A Vampyre Story

Do people around here know about this game? Ironically on the forum for a different game engine I found out about this interesting commercial game developed in Panda.


That looks really interesting (though odd that the store asks you to wait for the grand opening in 2008?). How did you find out it was developed with Panda?

Well on www.blitzmax.com the game was mentioned as a new release developed in Panda. I couldn’t see any mention of Panda on their website, but I confirmed it by downloading the demo and finding all the libpanda files in the game’s directory.

I wonder if the developers read or post on this forum?

I recognize that game. I’m pretty sure I once met the maker at IRC.

First I’ve heard of it. Pretty cool!


Hmm. They might have switched engines since this 2004 interview but they state there that they’re using Virtools on Vampyre Story. Another interesting tidbit about these devs is that they seem to have some guys working from there who used to work on the engine used for “Force Unleashed”.

I am an internet stalker it seems :confused:

I have seen this. They have posted before. Like a year ago but i cannot find the post. Could they have deleted it?

I think the dude that did chicken worked for them… but i might be wrong.