"A Tale in The Desert" interview

While Prof. Yelon is somewhere else, let me bring this up. Please don’t slap me for this… :laughing:
I ─ as a non-gamedev person ─ feel this interview as an interesting info about a violence-free creative game concept. I guess this wouldn’t be interesting for old folks here.
For anyone who hasn’t read this interview, here it is :
rpgvaultarchive.ign.com/features … sert.shtml

Thats interesting. Especially this part of the interview:

By the way, they’re not the only one creating a violent-free game. I believe that neighborlee is also working on a violent-free game. :wink:

Sure, I believe so.
I was looking for exposed concept of a game which already survived years lifetime.
There are a whole lotta interviews : rpgvaultarchive.ign.com/features/interviews
But who has such chance to dig them all ?
If you have any other interesting info, please post the link. It could be a great reading for others. :smiley: