A story and 2 renders

im not sure this is the rite place to post this but
heres my game idea with panda. i dont have a title yet but have a story and 2 models. plz note the story is still not ready, and i might completely abandon it.

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Glock 17
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In [insert country here, thinking of Switzerland] Several archaeologists found unknown material while digging. They sent it to scientist to finds out what it was. They found out it was unknown and began to experiment with it. The project is called Project Sphinx and they created a new type of weapon. The UN finds out about this, and declares they make the project public and stations several task forces from different countries to stand guard over it. The [insert country here] is unhappy with this and stages a mock riot and forces the task force to kill some people. Using this they declare war and try to get the task forces out. You are part of the task force, and after going to safety in another country, you are sent back to retrieve the project sphinx. Unfortunately for you, (near end of campaign) when you get to it, it blows up on you, mutating you, and you have to get out of the caverns where it is hidden. It has partly caved in form the blast.

Just a little suggestion…

Making shooter games is not interesting for idie developers… (just my opinion)

And if you really want to make a shooter try modding a existing engine (hl2, ut, etc.).

Panda3d is great, however with so many great 1st person shooter engines around, there are better options to create such a project.

If you still want to do it, i hope you are going to release the source :slight_smile:

Good luck

I agree that shooter games aren’t that interesting for developers.


I think Panda needs at least one good FPS example for people to look at- simply because lots of people equate FPS with 3D renderers and the lack of a good one in Panda causes people to doubt Panda’s abilities (which is unfounded.)

I say go ahead and make a good FPS. There’s lots of people around here that can help when you get stuck.

Just please release the code. Lots of people will benefit.

well it is a completely free game, so its going to be open source.

new skin for m16 and
UMP with halo reflex sight
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Before you think of Switzerland in a Story like this, i think you need to learn a bit more of history and culture. Switzerland is a High-Tech-Country with high standard. There are very much Mountains and its hard to find a place to go to digg for something like that, where nobody already has searched for anything. The Project is called ‘Project Sphinx’, so i dont think it would fit in such a rainy and snowy country.

And besides that, Switzerland is now neutral for over 700 years. Switzerland does not kill anyone for something like that or even want to start a war. Switzerland has a defensive-only Army to protect the People if someone wants to attack it. But nobody did so far, because its not easy in the alps and its hard that every man has an assault rifle at home (every man in switzerland has to go to the recruit-shool when he hits 18 and there he gets his assault rifle that he takes home along with some ammo and other equipment at the end of de recruit-shool, following by having the burden to go to refresh the stuff from the recruit-shool every year for 3-4 weeks).

If you want to involve switzerland in this kind of story, you should know that switzerland fights more through beurocratists than other things. And there they are very good. But thats a bit boring for a game like that :wink:

Here a funny text about switzerland… the problem with this is, most (if not all) of it is the truth :slight_smile::
vsoh.whiners-inc.org/forum/showt … hp?tid=320

I hope this helps you a bit to choose a better country or make the story more ‘realistic’.


story is all too simmilar to unreal2 story. except that swiss wasnt involved in unreal2. btw… while thinking about “noone attackted swiss so far” … bear in mind that there is lots of money beeing stored in this tax-friendly neutral country :slight_smile:. btw i like the alps a lot. can see them on clear days during breakfast.

Yeah, the money thing is true too. But it is not the big thing why nobody attacked switzerland so far. It is more because switzerland has no resources (like oil) and because everyone comes with a weapon out of his house on an attack. Many countrys could be able to attack and win a fight in switzerland, but they would have huge losses on their side while it is known that switzerland is only so rich as it is, because of all the people working so hard. So why should they work hard and precise for people who killed people in their country? This is the only resource switzerland has and its not garanteed that it persists after an attack… :slight_smile: Many countrys got contracts with switzerland etc. pp. and they would not be happy with someone attacking swiss too. And an other thing is that switzerland is protecting the papst in rome, so an attacking country would have the church and all the followers not on his side too. So its very complicated.

But that switzerland ever would declare a war is more than unrealistic. I dont know any other country that held such a “neutral” tradition for over 700 years. So i think its better to choose a fantasy-created country or just an other country (but that could cause problems with fundamentalists or some other groups hating you - matters which country you choose lol).

You can see the alps? In this case you cant live too far away from switzerland :wink: I got it easier to see the alps, i just live there… And yeah, i got a computer or two and internet too while knowing how to pronounce ‘chuchichästli’ and what it means :smiley:

Edit: BTW: I think its cool that someone wants to make (or thinking of) a game, where switzerland plays a big role. 8)