A Rez Clone (Now with readable code!)

Another update

Wow! This is so old, never thought that people were still interested on it!
I have decided to upload a folder in mediafire if you want to download either the source or the binaries, since the old links are dead. As far as I know, this should work in the latest version of Panda3D as of this edit (1.7.0) But I have not tested it, so you’ll have to check. You probably might need to change a line or two, who knows :stuck_out_tongue:.

Have fun!
Rez: The clone - Source and binary (windows)


Heres a video i decide to put on Youtube, it’s not much and has horrible quality, but oh well:

Enjoy :slight_smile:


I’ve decided to create an installer with executable and everything, just for the sake of learning how to make one, however i don’t know if this works on machines that don’t know the existence of panda.

Any confirmation of working or troubleshooting would be very welcome, you can pm me if you want to.

(Link not working anymore, see above for latest files)

07/07/2007 (ooh lucky number :smiley:)
Well I decided that leaving the code the way it was was something too horrendous to do :smiley:, and it just wouldn’t work for anyone who would like to see inside, so I decided to update the demo:

A. I translated all the code to English (since everything was a mix of Spanish and English :blush:), optimized and commented everything out (including doc strings and all), so everyone who looks at the demo inside can understand better.

B. I took pro-rsoft suggestion and decided to put a simple score meter, nothing special, but the xml reader can detect score points from the xml file, so you can assign score points to each enemy. Also I put some credit on the screen, more specifically the credits for the music.

C. Remember its still an application that was created in more less four days, coding like mad and with no order nor clean and presentable code. However this is the clean, tidy and pretty version to better look at. :wink:

The link is still the same

(Link not working anymore, see above for latest files)

Feel free to poke inside and modify it, or copy-paste code if you want to :smiley:, its something for the panda community.

Hello everyone

Ok so heres the story:

Past Thursday:

Me: Hello partner? How are ya?

Clueless partner: I’m ok thanks. And you?

Me: Ah nothing special here I’m kinda busy… too much work in university… thank god we have the media project in the next two weeks, I haven’t got any time to even think about it, I would die if i have more work to do.

Clueless partner: Yeah i know. Oh hey I remember that the teacher told us that the project was rescheduled to Tuesday, I forgot to mention you, he said it in an email like 6 days ago but he told me to to tell you, and I forgot :stuck_out_tongue:. Hope it’s no big deal.

Me: … GAHHHHHH!!! thump has a heart attack

Clueless partner: … You ok?

End of story :smiley:

So i had to make “highly interactive project” in 4 days… i didn’t have time to think something original, so i decided in a flash to make a Rez Clone (since I think Rez can be highly interactive… i hope so :smiley:), and to implement it in Panda 3D… nothing special of course… but this may be a good example that you can prototype an application in four days with panda 3D :smiley: (of course coding like mad and everything)… so here it is:

(Link not working anymore, see above for latest files)

Execute main.py (ppython main.py)

I have to present it today :stuck_out_tongue: i hope it goes for the standards they are expecting… don’t want my app to look “ugly” with respect to the others…
Nevertheless I managed to implement cool things like cool particle effects and lighting, transitions between stages, and also a SAX reader to read a complete level with stages, models position list, everything, so in the last hours i was just writing on my XML creating the world…

Notes: Don’t expect any kind of clean or efficient code, code in English (actually its like in Spanglish i think) or even try to decipher some senseless code there: i had to rush to make this so please bear with me…
also don’t expect a fully functional game…it looks more like a prototype of Rez precisely :wink:

Very nice game! I especially like the explosions and the dynamic shadows. (how did you do them?)
Excellent work, especially if you done it in just 4 days. The only thing is that I miss a score-meter. :slight_smile:

Yeah…nice and clever idea for a quick prototype for interactivity (not to mention the coding too). Thanks for the post

It’s really great! Did you make all the models yourself?

Thank you all for your comments, I really appreciate them…

@pro-rsoft: the dynamic shadow is nothing more than using the code avaliable from shadows.py somewhere int the engine, you may look at sombras.py, which is basically the same code… for the explosions I just used the particle panel from the examples… about the score… hmmm i remember i decided to put a score meter somewhere in the middle of coding… but i totally forgot really :stuck_out_tongue:

@chombee well the player character is the classic IK Joe, i just animated him running… for the stages, they are all based from the infinite tunnel from the fog tutorial, the first level is the tunnel itself :stuck_out_tongue:… as for the rest they are just pre made models from 3d studio max (those standard and extended primitives)

Well i hope you liked the small demo… theres another thing… you can open the xml file located somewhere in data… technically you can create a completely different level with different stages models and sond by altering this file… you may want to change it a little and expermient… well if you want to :smiley:, i suppose it would be better if you practice with panda :smiley:… well see you later…


Great job, Edwood! It’s a dream for Newbies like me to create such an interesting demo in such short time.

@weihuan: thank you for your comments. You may want to check the app now that I cleaned up the code a lot :stuck_out_tongue:. I tried to make it as friendly as i could, but then again I might have wrote some nonsense inside so i hope it does not confuse anyone :stuck_out_tongue:.

I might keep working on this demo, adding new features and such, but for now I just wanted it to be clean and readable. Hope it might be more useful now than before :stuck_out_tongue:.


Very pleasant to play…

the link is down and archive.org has nothing, anyone keep a copy of this around?


I uploaded a folder in media fire to download the source and/or binaries(windows) of Rez: The Clone if you want to.

Check the first post, I’ve edited it and put the link there.

See ya,
Italo F. Capasso B.
AKA “Edwood Grant”

Thanks! Checked it out… I agree, this is very cool for a quickie.