A question about Scene Graph

The scene graph itself doesnt exist right? Its just the concept used to described how the codes are connected/related to each other? Like someone writes the codes, classes, functions, connect them, then to quickly describe it to someone they can draw a graphical concept (Scene Graph) to describe how the code works with each other. Or is there an actual scene graph that is created in some actual text/graphical form?

A scene graph is not a visual thing, any visual is just a diagram to help understand what is going on. A scene graph is an abstract representation for all the graphical entities in a 3D scene:

With that lesson on terminology out of the way, I’m not aware of any automatic tool for generating a diagram of the scene graph, but if it doesn’t already exist then I’m sure it’d be relatively easy to program.

What he said. You seem to be confusing the concept of a scene graph with that of an inheritance graph. The scene graph really exists, in the sense that there are actually objects (nodes) which have a parent-child relationship. But it’s true there is no visual representation of this graph.


So it consists of nodes with a parent/child relationship who the node ‘render’ is the top parent, and these nodes are placed in a 3d environment so that whichever object is assigned to whichever node will be rendered at that location…

I guess theres nothing to contemplate about, i was just wondering.

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how about this:


tip: setup some models/lights first

maybe this may be interesting for you, too: http://panda3d.org/manual/index.php/The_Scene_Graph_Browser

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