a litttle help

hey whats up, just like to say thank god 4 this community , theres such a lack of literature on p3d
u all r amazing, how you all know as much you do…

iv been going throw, some of the p3d books, i have a quick question …

if i had like a “rayman” character, made up of a handful of animated objects , when i load them, the objects are there but they don’t move , & most of the animations displayed in the books are of single objects.

what/how would be the best way to get a rayman like character to work , thanks 4 yr time

also if there’s a older thread on this topic you could point my way, that would be cool, thanks

Does the model have to actually be made of separate pieces? Might it work to simply create a single character model that happens to have blank space where its arms, etc. would have been?

If not, perhaps you might be able to create a model that has no geometry (or very little geometry, if the system isn’t willing to accept a completely absent model) but which nevertheless has a full skeleton. You should then be able to attach your parts to the relevant bones, as shown here and in the “Looking-and-Gripping” sample, I believe.

Finally, the manual has a section on “multi-part actors”, which appears to involve having separate models, each with its own animations, and which can be joined via specially-named joints, I believe