´file´ object has no attributte ´wright´

PhoneList = open(‘C:\Users\Andreas\Desktop\PNList\TempList’, ‘w’)
PhoneList.wright("Name: " +name+ "\nNumber: " +PhoneNumber)

that doesnt work, still my manual tells me it should
why doesnt it work?

It’s called ‘write’, not ‘wright’.
Secondly, you have to replace single backslashes with double backslashes.

Again, this is Python stuff, while this is a Panda3D forum. Please ask Python-only questions on a Python-only forum.

k sry

Perhaps typing complete words will help with your spelling skills… :unamused:

kids dont fight about spellings and illiterations. it simply makes no sense and is about as productive as my post here right now… zero.
btw. “k sry” is perfectly fine. interpretable without any errors.