A few questions

Hey, here are a few problems I have been having:

  1. When applying parallax height map over a tilled surface, everything farther then a few units turns white, which makes no since.

  2. The parallax effect makes everything look glossy. I also can’t set the height of different textures. An example of this would be the bump map on my water and the bump map on the terrain. I would the the terrain to only be raised a little, and the water a lot.

  3. When doing texture scrolling using this code in a update task:

#Texture animation:
self.offset += .001


My fps will not go over 30. Since it does not go over 30 even when looking at nothing, I think its somehow being lock at that.

The framerate issue sounds like the infamous ‘shader generator doesnt support this properly and generates a new shader each frame so the framerate goes down, but its not going to be fixed anytime soon, so you should use a custom shader, or dump the one generated with shaderGenerator and apply it manually’ problem.