A few questions about the camera and mouse

So, I’m trying to get a feel for Panda / Python as a game engine. Mucked about with a few others before now. I’m starting by trying to code a simple FPS camera (mouselook and WSAD to move). So I have a couple of questions. If any more knowledgeable person could oblige, I’d appreciate it.

First: How can one forcibly set the mouse position, and are there any mouselook code examples?

Second: Does the camera have a relative X/Y/Z position matrix that rotates with it’s orientation? If not, is there any other way to move the camera simply without resorting to messier mathematics?



hi Aticper - looking the number of your actual posts (1) you seems to me really new to Panda3D therefore I strongly suggest you to play with the demos provided instead to start from scratch and study them well, and maybe try to modify the one closer to what you got in mind to do, just to understand ho it works better. In the specific I guess that the roaming-ralph demo is the one suited for you so maybe you’ll start from there. Then, you may hit the snippets and the showcase section of this forum to find more interesting stuff.
Have fun

Yes, I probably should have specified that in my initial post. I have been dissecting the demos, and reading the documentation. I’ll take a look at the one you mentioned.


aye Actiper - by the way, you may take a look to a project I’m actually messing around here: discourse.panda3d.org/viewtopic.php?t=5728
It is a framework where you’ll find a wide range of samples, some coming out from the official installation and some reaped by me from the forums. Be advised that if you’re on windows you may experience issues using the framework, and if that happens, you may launch the main.py files starting from the ‘samples’ folder as you do as usual with panda3d scripts.

Ah, thanks, I’ll take a look.