A big step towards getting the SceneEditor to work

Dear Panda friends,
since nobody else wanted to try to get the SceneEditor to work I had to do it :cry: . So I tried to fix the bugs creating error messages at the start in the latest CVS. Now it starts (which it hasn’t before). Try it out at wase.urz.uni-magdeburg.de/wkelle … Editor.zip and continue my bugfixing work :wink: (I am convinced there are some bugs left).

Note: I marked the lines which I had changed with a comment containing “WK” (my initials). Mostly these comment sound like “added by WK” or “changed by WK”. You are allowed to remove them (it only simplified the bugfixing for me).

I appreciate your efforts and I surely WOULD have, had time constraints not been in place, and they are many ( dont we all ). Your efforts are appreciated be sure of it, and I will do everything in my power to continue to improve where it needs it.

cheers and mucho thx
g.leej ( nl)

Update: fixed the bug that the SceneEditor creates an awful error message when you click on the Placer button.

Download at wase.urz.uni-magdeburg.de/wkelle … Editor.zip

nice…trouble is the url refuses to load ( wont even time out)…


Oh, it seems that the wase server is down. So I uploaded it onto another server (please only use it, if the other adress refuses to load):


if I can help i’d be happy to host it as well…just let me know here or at:


g.leej (nl)