3dsmax8 Vertex Color and Alpha export

I looked at an .egg file exported from 3dsmax8 of a model that had vertex colors baked into it. The vertex colors don’t seem to be getting exported.
The .egg file didn’t have any lines in the vertex list.
Is this a bug? Do any other .egg exporters support vertex color and alpha information? (I haven’t tried the Maya exporter yet)


~Mike D.

blenders chicken exporter supports vertex colors.

Thanks Thomas,

Unfortunately I’m not a huge fan of Blender :slight_smile:

The Max 7 exporter seems to have the same problem.

I just did a test of the Maya 6.5 exporter and it seems to do the trick.
I had to make sure all my vertices were welded, but the vert colors and alpha came through great!

Thanks again!
~Mike D.

Dit you use the maya plug in on 3d max ??? or are you using maya for your models…