3dsMax animation help

I made a simple jumping-ball animation in a 3dsMax and convert in to a egg format (just like in manual). And it give an error when i make it start. Here is the file: dosyaupload.net/download.php … nimtop.rar
Please, if somebody knows the problem help me =(

I looked at your file.

It has no animation. You can check for yourself in pview.

When you export your file from 3dmax, make sure

  1. you select the ‘both’ tab. The choices are model, animation, both, and pose.
  2. Check pview to see if your model is ok.
  3. In pview, press ‘a’ to see if the animation is ok, although you should see it animating.

Hope you get it working.

Yeah! That’s working! Thank you so much =)