3ds max to panda3D models export

am using 3ds max 2009…

(1)can i export the animated biped i.e lets say i made the biped run and jump in a distance of 10m,will the model when exported move the same distance in Panda or do the motion in the same place and i have to program the distance?

(2)can i export the camera to Panda3d?

(3)lets say i made an animation video in 3dsmax,to what format should i saved it so as to when the game is compiled it doesn’t have to load much and just pop on screen and play?

(4)lets say i applied a texture in my 3ds max model,will it be the same in Panda3D once loaded?

(5)there aren’t many tut on fps with c++,any suggestions where i can find them?

(6)any polygon limitation concerning export from 3ds max to panda3D any is there any specific polygon that cannot be loaded?

(7)if some1 has made a 3D game with the stated softwares, plz send me a msg i have more questions for the latter. :smiley:

  1. a max unit is the same as a panda3d unit, so 10m would be 10m. A mesh rigged with biped gets exported with no problems.

  2. No

3.The movie subsystem is implemented using FFMPEG. Therefore, it supports all of the formats that FFMPEG supports.

4.Yes…and perhaps no. A diffuse colour texture form max will be a diffuse color texture in Panda3D, maxs self-illumination will be pandas emission (glow), specular colour from max is shine (gloss) for P3D, bump from max is a normal map for panda, opacity slot is modulate (transparency).

  1. Any valid polygon will do, the exporter will ignore single vertices and vertices forming only a line. All geometry seams to get triangulated upon export.
  1. You could export an empty node (or a model with one vertex), give it a certain name, and then locate it in Panda3D to place the camera there. I believe the Roaming Ralph sample uses this technique.

From my experiments with the exporter for 3ds max 2009 neither dummies, helpers nor objects with a single vertex get exported to the egg.

I think Roaming Ralph used an “empty” for a starting position, not for the camera, and I think it(terrain and all) was made using maya2egg.