3DS Max Materials Issue

as on in the manual

i had recently made some materials for the prototype by the unwrapped UVW
but im more looking forward to add one the normal mapping to my models i looked in all the issues in the manual and some in the forum but i didn’t seen any topic could show the perfect way
however it been described using Maya and blender but 3ds max is my choice when it’s comes for 3D design
also please show how i can bring up the Glow filter

and thanks in advanced

Your post was a bit hard to understand, but I think you wanted to know how to export models with normal maps from 3dsmax and how to apply a glow effect based on glow maps.

To the first question: you simply apply your normal map to the Bump slot as a regular Bitmap map type in 3dsmax. Do NOT assign the Normal Bump map type to the slot (the exporter does not understand anything about it), just a regular Bitmap. And yes, this means the normal map will not behave like it should inside 3dsmax, but it should export correctly.

To the second question, you should see http://www.panda3d.org/manual/index.php/Common_Image_Filters#The_Bloom_Filter. Glow maps themselves do not contain any kind of glowing effect, they’re just definitions for which areas are supposed to be bright and which are not. You always need the bloom effect for them to actually glow.

I hope this helps :wink:

thank man , you actually caught my mistakes, i used the bump in material editor but i had used normal dump in place of the bitmap, thanks for that,

and about the second request i just want to know how to let the panda understand witch part of the body should get shined , in the sample file witch comes with panda3d the model has two materials one was a texture map and the other was the glowing map , to spread my wards short and clear these mapping has been done in the design time,
but how that what i want understand

and thanks again