3ds max animation exporting problem

Hey guys, im having trouble with the animation exporting in 3ds max. Im using max 9 and for some reason the animation only works on the lower part of the body. Now that iv rebuilt the very simple rig, the animation has gotten worst. It animates fine in max but not in panda. Please if anyone has the time to check it out i would really appreciate it.


Last I checked (which was a year ago, admittedly), the Max exporter had bugs when it comes to animation and hierarchy. If I remember correctly, it exported different hierarchies for the two cases, so they wouldn’t match up.
I’m back now because I heard something about DAE (COLLADA) support – if that is robust enough, you could go that route instead of using .EGG.

I just exported from Max 2009 and everything worked fine. All I did was take out the light in the scene and change your export options to “Export Entire Scene” for the model. Hope that helps.

EDIT: And now I just looked at the original post date. There seems to be a lot of recent responses to older posts, what’s going on with that? Is the timestamp on the post incorrect or are people just digging up older posts?