3ds Max 9 egg exporter

I just got 3Ds Max 9 and wanted to continu working on a project for school, when I stumbled on the fact that there is n’t any dlo/dle file for it.

Is there one availible yet or is anybody working on one?

I don’t realy have the time the figure out how to make one my self. So if no one can help me I’ll have to go back to 3Ds Max 8, but that’s not what I want.

Please can someone help me?

I’m afraid I can’t build a DLO for a version of max that I don’t have. Unfortunately, we don’t use MAX here at the Entertainment Technology Center, so I have to sort of beg for people to lend me a copy. It may take some time until I find one.

You can use both.

3DS Max 9 has some advanced boolean operations, better
UV Unwrapping, Normal Map generation, etc. Create your model in 3DS 9 and export it to 3DS or FBX format. then import into 3DS 8 for export to .egg.

not ideal but it will work until a 3dS max export is available for Max 9.