3ds max 2011 egger?


A few questions regarding 3ds max 2011 egger.

  1. Is there one already? (AFAIK there isn’t)

  2. If not, is there one under way?

  3. If so, will there be a 64-bit version available also?

  4. Regarding questions 2. and 3. If there is one under way, is there any preliminary release date?

Thanks in advance.

There currently isn’t a max 2011 egger. There’s no chance of getting one built until we all get copies of the max 2011 sdk (at CMU at least). We usually don’t get our copies until the fall because educational licensing takes longer to work out. Also, there aren’t any plans to build a 64-bit version. Unless there’s a way to get a copy of the SDK earlier I’m afraid things will have to wait awhile. Hope that helps.


There’s a exporter in maxscript, somewhat limited but virtually version-independent:

Thank you both.

@AndrewG: It’s nice to know the situation, although that wasn’t the answer I was hoping for. :slight_smile: And yeah, educational licensing isn’t that straightforward at all, I know. What’s with the 64-bit exporter? Is CMU using 32-bit version of 3ds max only?

@wezu: I’ll take a look at the maxscript exporter.

I’ll also have to experiment with collada exporter and dae2egg.

Pandasoft has already made 2011 exporters for .x so you can use those too.

We currently only use the 32-bit version of max at the moment. We have the option of using both 64 and 32, but we’ve stayed with 32 bit because of Panda. Simply put we just haven’t built a 64bit version of Panda or the eggers to go along with 64bit Max.

Can anybody clarify this? I’m trying to help a friend export a max project and we have 3ds max 64 (2010) installed. Can I build the egger for it with makepanda? Cause it sounds like it’s just a matter of building from your explanation. Or do I have to install the 32 bits version? (Disclaimer: never used max with panda before)

If I have to use 32 bits version I’d rather pass and use the Pandasoft’s x route as Mindblighter suggested, does that work reliably with animations and stuff?

The only way I think you can get a 64-bit egger is to build a 64-bit version of panda with makepanda. This in itself should be too hard…you’d need 64bit python and a few other thirdparty libraries. I think you just need those and if you’re using VS either change the target platform or run makepanda from the 64bit VS command prompt. I’ve done it once, but I don’t remember if I built either the max or maya eggers that time.

I’d give it a shot, I was considering doing it if I get some more time here shortly, but if you have success with it, maybe we can throw the 64bit .dlo into the next release. Let me know how it goes.


In case anyone is looking for the 32-bit version of the egger for max 2011, I have compiled and posted it online here:

npcglib.org/~stathis/softwar … 32-bit.zip

I hope this helps.

If anyone wants a 64-bit build send me an email. If I receive enough emails I will try building those too.