3ds max 2010


Is there any .egg exporter for 3ds max 2010?

No there isnt. The guy working on it is still working on enhancing the 2009 version. Lets hope there is one soon.

so if i want to export those models i’ll have to write some kind of exporter myself or i’ll have to wait until it’s finished?

Yes. If your a programmer i would assume it wouldnt be hard to code an exporter, as long as you know the structure of 3ds max… Im not a programmer :frowning:

You can use Blender until then. Blender is really strange though.

i’d better use 3ds max 2009, it’s easier to use 3ds max 2009 than blender because im already used to 3ds max.
i am a programmer but im new to programming using 3d models for games etc so probably it isnt a really good id right now to write an exporter i think. but i will look at the documentation of 3ds max and panda3d and perhaps i will be able to write an exporter.

E-mail me the libraries and header files of the Max SDK and I’ll make a max2egg2010.

i will send an email;) thank you very much

Awesome, thanks. The next release of Panda will have a 2010 exporter. I’ll be sending you a dev snapshot that includes the exporter.