3dmax9 export to egg problem...

just arrived to panda world!

Is the maxegg9.dlo plugin for 3dmax released with panda 1.5.2 working?
After installing visual C and copying maxegg9.dlo and maxeggimport9.dle in the 3dmax9 plugin folder,everything seems to be right, plugins appear as loaded correctly in the plugin manager, but…

When making Export i CAN’T found the .egg file format anywhere in the combo box (?)

I can found it in the Import, but not in the Export, anybody can help?


Exporting works different. Please see this manual page for more details:
panda3d.org/manual/index.php/Conve … Studio_Max

oppps, i see now, thanks!

one more thing about file formats,
i saw som entries in the forum that says xtoegg and x import in 1.5.2 is fixed, others that says that issue will be fixed on 1.5.3…

the fact is that with my 1.5.2 version on win xp i can’t process .x files correctly, is that normal?

sorry for bothering with that
and thanks a lot!

It was told that it was fixed, but it wasn’t. But, looking at the CVS, I see that it has been fixed now for the 1.5.3. Also see this post:

ok, then i’ll have to wait for version 1.5.3
any gossip about when will be released?
tanks a lot,
hope soon i’ll be able to ask more interesting questions