3dmax export to egg, animatin fail

I export a 3dmax file to egg file: 111.egg is the model file ,and 2222.egg is the animation file.

pview 111.egg 222.egg result: the girl(my actor) can show in the pview’s window but she didn’t do any animations. And the 3dmax file can animate.

Who can help me?

3dmax file:

my egg file:http://cid-21ba8e05e140ed81.skydrive.live.com/self.aspx/.Documents/girl%7C_anjimation.rar

When I pview 111.egg and 222.egg I can only see the girl, because 222.egg does not exist.
When I do this, however:

pview 111.egg 2222.egg

the mesh looks garbled. Are you sure you exported them correctly?