3D Study Maze (sharing some open source code) (suggestions?)

Hi Everyone,

so, as promised, I share some of the results. Thank you for all the help along the way.

3D Study Maze is a computer game for students, an idea that I came up with through thinking: What on earth we could do to make studying as engaging as watching a movie…?

code.google.com/p/3d-study-maze/ ( [color=red]<-- Check this out. )

My development began from extending the example ‘Bump-Mapping’, and commit history is well documented (the initial work starting 4th revision is very similar to the bump-mapping demo). I’m sure, with the introduction of linear-algebraic operations, the methods could be implemented much more cleanly than they are now.

Anyway, I’m just a beginner still, your feedback and suggestions for improving the code are very welcome.

P.S., made some presentations, and added to http://StudyMaze.org .