3D Sound & Camera Direction

I’m having a problem where sound is coming out of the wrong side depending upon which direction the camera is facing. If the camera is looking along the y-axis, sound is played on the same side that the source is; however, if I look along the x-axis and stand next to the source, the sound comes out of the opposite side (i.e. if the source is to the right of the camera, the sound comes out of the left speaker). Maybe it has to do with the way I change the camera angle? It’s a first person shooter, so I’m using the mouse to change the looking direction by changing the HPR.

md = base.win.getPointer(0) 
            x = md.getX() 
            y = md.getY() 
            deltaX = md.getX() - self.centerX
            deltaY = md.getY() - self.centerY
            newYaw = base.camera.getH() - 0.1* deltaX*self.mouseSensitivity
            newPitch = base.camera.getP() - 0.09* deltaY*self.mouseSensitivity
            if(newPitch > 80):
                newPitch = 80
            if(newPitch < -80):
                newPitch = -80

Any thoughts?

Give that a try:
[url]3D Audio bug fix]


I had actually stumbled across this earlier, but I misread it.

panda3d.org/forums/viewtopic … b0a0#14377

Everything works as expected now.