3D Modeling and C++ help needed

Hey Guys!

I have started work on a FPS/RTS game (powered by Panda3D of course) called InVar (My username). This is set in the future when a huge alien race is attacking earth (not really thought about the story yet). So far this has been going alright but I have encountered one problem, 3D Modeling. I need a Blender Artist to help me with modeling, I could also do with some C++ help as well. If you would like to help feel free to Drop a post below, Credits are will be given at the end of the game.

Ewan Smith

imagine you’r a “Blender artist person thingie” and you read that post of you. would you be intrested in helping out with something you know nothing about?.. i wouldn’t.

finding artists isnt that easy but if you dont even give a rough describtion of your project, chances you’ll find someone are almost zero.

Are you the only Panda coder person thingie?

Being disrespectful towards artists isn’t going to get you one, you know. :stuck_out_tongue:

Changed the post :wink:

When youre not very good in some language, what you say can often end up the opposite.

So… what do you have right now to show us? I don’t think someone will help if you don’t have something done (then we could make the game ourselves and get all the credit for it).
I once registered in a fangame forum. The ‘team’ were in need of programmers, 3d modelers, composers, ‘sound effect dude’. When I asked what they had done I found a house model, tree model and a 3rd person camera code. :laughing:

So far, Nothing. Im trying to get Panda3D installed. I just need to get a small group of people ready before I start so I can talk to them before I start.

We are not here to make a game for you.
I’m not sure if you even have some experience with Python or C++ (which still isn’t enough). If you don’t, I suggest reading some Python ebooks online, try making some simple command line programs, read Panda3d manual (you may skip some parts like detailed Prc specs), have some working code, and after that only come here and ask for help.
If you have done all that, you still need to show us something…

well this forum exists to ask for help. the thing is: we can help you with coding questions, or pipeline issues, or peformance optimisation. but most of us help by sharing knowledge, not actual work. cause most of us work on our own projects.

so anon is right. it’s fine to ask for help (even for project members) but dont expect people to join a project which doesnt exist, where nothing is known about what it will be or look like.

people want to see something first, they want to make sure they are contributing to something usefull and not spending time on some project which might not even get off the ground. so, learn coding, get something done (maybe a little minimal playable demo), then you’r likly to find people who actually want to join in.

I guess you’re right. Do you know a Sample FPS template I could use?

If you were more familar with Panda3D you would know that there’s no such thing as a “FPS template”. However there are FPS code samples, where people did implement the very very basics of an FPS game. You will find those by searching for the term “fps” via the forum’s search function, limiting your search to the topic titles.

By the way, if someone else is doing art and someone else is doing the programing, what will you do?
If you’re looking for a easier solution take a look at engine packages that deliver more out of the box, like dim3 klinksoftware.net/forum/index.php . It ships with some basic FPS, so you can make a small game by replacing weapons, maps and monsters.

Yeah, Where do I download Dim3 then?

You DO know how to use google, right?
You could also google for “FPS Creator”.

Skrew This, I now use Unity3D. So much better.

PS: FPS Creator sucks.

Way to go, Anon. Great job. :unamused:

At the link I provided, in the Beta subforum.

Unity3D is a lot harder to use than dim3 I suppose, propably also harder than Panda3D. All three products stand for different scripting languages by the way.

What? Seriously.
This guy said he ‘has started work’, ‘so far this has been going alright’ and then it turns out he hasn’t even installed Panda, yet he wants help of ‘Blender Artist Person thingie’, edited later to ‘Amazing Blender Artist’ and edited again to whatever, and also C++ help, when he hadn’t even installed Panda. Then it turns out he doesn’t know Python. And then he can’t even find a download link. This guy has been lying to us from the start. And when he got tired he just said ‘screw this’. I highly doubt he will ever make any game with Unity.

I don’t really care why. Point is, that is not the way to help people. Please be nice to people and help them where possible, that is the point of the forums.

Do you mean we should help someone who is lying to us and doesn’t do anything himself?


That works, too.