3d Characters needed

Hey everyone, I’m looking for some 3d characters I can put into my game. I would go on and create some, but I really suck at drawing human models. :frowning: I don’t really need anything high poly or life-like. Mainly I’m just shooting for something cartoony, but not a cartoon if you know what I mean. Life-like ones are always welcome, too. It’s going to be for a mmo type of game.

So if you know of any sites that give out free models or maybe someone could help me out and maybe let me use their models, that would be grate! Need both players and monsters.

Examples of what I’m looking into wanting: (no clue what games they’re from)
img.brothersoft.com/screenshots/ … 50134.jpeg

what about makehuman?

as far as i know makehuman and the generated models are free…
last time i has a look they planned to even put bones in.

[size=200]These meshes must only be used for personal and non commercial uses unless widest rights are granted on the origin website. To be more precise, they must not be distributed for any reasons and by any methods (unless widest rights are granted on the origin website): [/size]
www-roc.inria.fr/gamma/download/ … index0.php

There’s about a thousand people/character models but you can only use them as mock-up.

pictures are from:
fiesta online
-no idea on the 2nd one
a game model pack (not an actual game afaik)
fiesta online (again)

you might also want at flyff which has simimlar style. or s4leafue or audition. all featuring simmilar style.
for anime/toon characters i can really recommend kingdom hearts

none of those contain any freely available models. but you might use them as inspiration to create your own characters.

Thanks ThomasEgi:
But like I said, I really do suck at human 3d making :cry: sadly.

Everyone else, thanks for links:
I’ll check them out, but I’m not really looking for mock-ups. Really am looking for something to use in my game. Not going to be selling it by no means, but would like to say, “It’s my own game.”

Have you gone to turbosquid?

what is the theme of your game?

The theme is a online world, like the ones up above. I just really suck have making humans and creaters (with out them being just block ahead lol).
Mainly, it’s set in a world were earth is under attack by another race from a magic portal sorta storyline. Not so big on the story just yet. I have a friend that said he help with a story line, but I haven’t heard from him for a while. (finals and all got in the way lol).

...[b]humans and creatures[/b]...magic portal...

ok. that is what i was looking for. i will try to put something together when i can. :smiley: