360 Roundview Project

Hi @ll

its long ago, since i startet this project and its also long finished, but now i finally started a youtube channel and posted my old making of video. Its an overview from the concept to the end, where you can see a little bit of the roundview cinema. Its a round room with 6 beamers that display a 360 roundview. the progamming is done in Panda3d.


Hope you guys like this.

nice setup. sorta reminds me of one of my projects. thought it’s less fancy.

cool stuff!
any chance you release the source and/or models?

Can I play?

Euh… Can we come to your home to play it ?

hey thanks for the comments,
everyone who lives or comes to Germany and find a chance to come to Bochum can watch the Roundview (its not at my home).
Its located in the Alfried Krupp Schülerlabor in the Ruhr Universität Bochum, where i done free learning courses. You can come with a class or on the Day of the open Door wich is mostly in Feburary. I also done a world wich you can walk through and its controlled over a Dance mat.
The Source is simply a car wich runs over uneven terrain, there are enough posts in the forums even to the network. If you wonder how to setup the 6 cameras … its a simple camera ring with 6 cameras with 60 angle of view so you can make the full 360, controlled as one by the server.