300 CollisionTraversers

i have 300+ CollisionTraverser in my server. My problem is that objects form one CollisionTraverser seam to colide with objects in the other CollisionTraverseres … is this supposed to be this way? none of the CollisionHandlerQueue or CollisionTraverseres are shared.

A collisiontraverser will detect any node in the scene graph, including those inside other traversers, unless the collision masks are set to indicate that there should not be a collision. You need to use both the from-mask and the into-mask cleverly to avoid problems.

Do you know of a better way to simulate thousands of little worlds each of them with a collision system? Maybe the best route just to do them all in pure python?

“any node in the scene graph” i think it will just detect every node because my little worlds each have a node but none of of them are connected.

Strictly speaking, each collision traverser will detect collisions with any node in the scene graph at or below the node passed to the traverser.traverse() call. If each of your worlds has a separate scene graph, all parented to render, you can call traverser.traverse(myWorld) instead of traverser.traverse(render).


Lol it’s so logical that we should have guessed :frowning:

thanks alot drwr, i did not see your post before and was going to ask again how to separate them, but you have done that for me! Thanks.