3 aux display modules not yet loaded

I’ve been playing around with Panda a bit… seems to be really cool! :smiley:. I’m a VB/C++/PHP programmer and when going through this python took me by surprise. Never really touched it before, but after about an hour I figured out the basics on my own :smiley: (yay for me!).

Anyway after a while I stoped playing with it (because of work) and found a new version came out, so I downloaded it. I tried loading some module files from a game made with Panda to kinda get a “gist” of things and how to make some of the executables work. When loading a “bam” file (model file) some of them load (the still ones) but I cant seem to get the animated ones to load. I get this error:

Before I got a whole bunch of errors in the older version… This seems to be a little more descreet, if this message is even an error. All I know is the “Panda Viewer” comes up blank.

Anyone know what’s wrong?

No, that’s the normal startup messages. It’s saying that you’ve loaded the display module pandagl, but there are still pandadx7, pandadx8, and pandadx9 standing by in case something goes wrong with pandagl.

It’s likely that the files you’re loading actually contain no geometry. Some bam files just contain animation tables; they’re meant to be loaded in conjunction with a matching model file.


Oh ok. How do I do that exactly (and determine what files need to be loaded)?

You have to know which files contain animations for which models, and list them both on the pview command. For instance:

pview panda.egg panda-walk.egg

Usually the name of the file gives you a clue.