2D Help Please

I just discovered Panda and had a few general questions. I noticed on the front page, one of the screen shots is of a side-scrolling mario type game. I’m looking to build a 2D side scrolling game but most of the tutorials and documentation are geared towards 3D.

Is Panda a good engine to use for 2D games and if it is, what are some things that I should do to set up a 2D environment?


Thanks! I think this tutorial will be a lot of help. However, I can’t get it to run due to the following error:

DirectStart: Starting the game.
Warning: DirectNotify: category ‘Interval’ already exists
Known pipe types:
(3 aux display modules not yet loaded.)
Traceback (most recent call last):
File “ping_main.py”, line 239, in ?
class cPingHumanPlayer( DirectObject ):
TypeError: Error when calling the metaclass bases
module.init() takes at most 2 arguments (3 given)

I’m using the latest version of Panda3D, is there a simple fix to this error?

i always get this error with samples if they seem to use an older import scheme for DirectObject (but i’m not familiar with the old import scheme, so this might be just a wrong observation). anyways fixing the DirectObject import to

from direct.showbase.DirectObject import DirectObject

always solves my problem (search for the line, probably quite at the beginning of the script) where DirectObject is imported.

hope that helps,

Thanks for the help, but I think the DirectObject is imported correctly in this particular file:

from direct.showbase.DirectObject import DirectObject

Any other ideas?

you could try change the class decl to

class cPingHumanPlayer( DirectObject.DirectObject ): 

it seems to try to call the module instead of the class. strange.

Thanks! That change worked along with a few other changes. For anyone else interested, the other changes are that DirectSliderBar needs to be changed to DirectSlider and mPingBallCollNode needs to be changed to mPingBallCollNodepath